About Us

Gürses Invest is a licensed real estate agency and construction company operating as part of GÜRSES GROUP, one of the leading holdings in Alanya. With a rich corporate heritage and a swift pace of development, we merge decades of experience with the rapid evolution of our industry.

Our extensive experience of over a decade in the real estate sector enables us to meet the expectations of our clients and investors with a dedicated and individualized approach.

We offer a wide range of residential and commercial properties, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process of buying, selling, or leasing.

The story of “GÜRSES GROUP” dates back to 1953 when the first company of the Gürses family was established. Over 70 years. Our holding has successfully expanded its operations, and today, we have 17 companies actively engaged in various sectors, including jewelry, household appliances, electrical goods, furniture retail, automotive dealerships, financial services, fuel stations, tourism, construction companies, and the real estate sector. 

In the retail sector, we serve over 300,000 customers annually. As a leading group of companies in Turkey, with more than 2,000 employees and interactions with 20 commercial and service centers, we continue to thrive.

Our official representations are consistently ranked among the top five in Turkey each year. Our commitment to honesty and principles allows us to constantly improve and meet our clients’ needs, while competition drives the quality of the services we provide.


Following the philosophy of the holding, the mission of “GURSES INVEST&CONSTRUCTION” is first and foremost to become a reliable partner and friend to our clients. 

We confirm our reputation daily by guaranteeing high quality construction, providing a worthy level of both sales and after-sales service. 

We care about comfortable living in Turkey and the reliability of real estate investment at every stage of our cooperation.


The most valuable thing for our company is your trust. We are absolutely sure that a business based on honesty, professionalism, adherence to business ethics, openness, and transparency in partnerships lays a reliable foundation for many years to come.

Real estate in Turkey has long occupied one of the main places in the real estate market and continues to strengthen its position with each passing year. 

The unique climate, convenient payment system, and incredible balance between living and investing – these points will always attract guests to the Mediterranean coast.

Many of our employees fell in love with Turkey many years ago and viewed it through the eyes of immigrants and investors, which allows our guests to get answers to all their questions. There is no situation that our employees have not faced. We are happy to share our experience and warn against unnecessary steps.

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